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.Thunder Bay Senior Paper is published once a month, 10 times a year. We do not publish in July and August. The publisher is semi retired for 10 months of the year and retired during the summer! The paper is in it’s 21st year of publication.

Our purpose for publishing is to provide those of us a little older with an enjoyable read, some thought provoking articles and a little humour. One of the greatest compliments we recieved was when a young person said that the paper wasn’t just for seniors because she really enjoyed it as well.

We have 12 contributors/writers for the paper. The majority of them are retired. We are very grateful for their contributions and remind them every once in a while that all we ask, besides their significant talent, is that they enjoy doing it. While writing is always a challenge it should never be a chore.

The paper is paid for by the advertisers. We thank those who do advertise in the paper because it allows us to continue production. By limiting the number of advertisements in the paper we hope that it gives each ad a bit more punch. A famous news paper owner once said, “The only reason to have articles in a paper is to fill the space between advertisements!” We disagree and look for much more balance. Our focus is a good read.

We can be reached at:
Thunder Bay Seniors Paper
Suite #309, 1100 C Memorial Ave
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 4A3
Phone: 807 345-4444
Fax: 807 345-4666
Email: tbayseniors@tbaytel.net

Weblog: www.tbayseniors.com


The publisher is Keith Nymark
We hope you enjoy Thunder Bay Seniors Paper. Feel free to let us know what you like and don’t like.

All articles on this website are copyrighted and are not to be republished in anyway without the permission of the writer. Readers may send a copy of an article to a friend if they want to share a story.