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July 2017 Update

We have successfully raised $195,000! That’s right! Construction is to begin this Sept/Oct. and an opening is being planned for next Spring. Thanks go out to all those who believed in this project and to our funders (The Fednor Canada 150 grant, The City’s Community Partnership Fund, The Thunder Bay Community Foundation and a whole lot of individuals in the community.)

Febuary 2017 Update

Following is an update just posted on The Coalition’s Facebook site. Given that many don’t go to the Facebook site, I’m sending it out as an email as well.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the winter. It was a great day today and felt just a little like spring.


An update on the pavilion is long over due. The short update would be to say that we have raised the $20,000 we committed to raise when we presented at City Council. Yippee!

Those of us on The Coalition For Waverley Park and the many folks in the community who use Waverley Park, thank our generous donors. Many, many people have contributed and it’s been a great show of support. Special thanks to The Thunder Bay Community Foundation for their support which ensured we reached our financial goal.

The goal to get the pavilion built still remains.

We have applied for a FedNor grant and are hoping to hear this month. While we didn’t tell City Council we would apply for grants beyond raising the $20,000, we did in hopes that it would further contribute to the construction this summer.

As well as applying for financial support from The Thunder Bay Community Foundation and FedNor, we applied for a Thunder Bay Community Partnership Grant. This grant will provide matching funding should we receive FedNor funding and would ensure the construction this summer in time to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

The question remains, “What will we do if we don’t get the FedNor funding?”

The Coalition For Waverley Park has gone above and beyond what we committed to when we presented to City Council a year and a half ago. The Coalition will ask City Council to recognize the community support for the Pavilion by approving the funding for the construction. The City Parks Department is in full support and have had working drawings done in anticipation of a build this summer. This project is very much a City Parks project with community support.

The Park has two seniors complexes adjoining it and a growing seniors population in the area. Young families are buying homes around Waverley and more and more developers are seeing the potential of the downtown area.

Summer In The Parks had many wonderful years in Waverley Park (with often 300 plus in attendence) so success as an entertainment hub is as guaranteed as any investor could want. The Coalition will continue to hold a picnic each year in the Park, lead a Jane’s Walk, assist the Horticultural Society with maintaining the gardens around Magnus Theatre and look after the Coalition’s Field of Dreams. We will support having entertainment in the Park any way we can.

The Park is the 2nd oldest Municipal Park in Ontario, just 4 years younger than Canada. Waverley Park is one of Ontario’s ‘Grand Old Parks’.

Constructing a Pavilion in Waverley Park this summer is a perfect way celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

If you would like to get more information or get involved send us an email at waverleypark@tbaytel.net

The Waverley Park Pavilion & Canada’s 150th Anniversary
In 2017 Canadians will be celebrating our 150th Anniversary. What better way to create a legacy for future generations than to build a Victorian Style Pavilion in Ontario’s second oldest municipal park.
The Coalition For Waverley Park has supported the City of Thunder Bay’s Parks Department in developing a design and plans for a pavilion for Waverley Park. The base for the pavilion already exists.
Last year The Coalition committed to raising $20,000 to encourage City Council to build the pavilion as a commemoration to Canada’s 150th anniversary. With the support of many individuals in the community, we are on our way to achieving this goal.

Historical Significance
• The Waverley Park area was designated a Heritage District in 1988.
• The park is home to the Hogarth Fountain which was brought from England to Thunder Bay in 1964. The fountain dates back to 1790. The pavilion has been designed to complement the fountain.
• Waverley Park is surrounded by turn of last century churches and buildings. It is the historical heart of Thunder Bay.

The design of the pavilion will support many different uses.
• Thunder Bay’s ‘Summer in the Parks’ program started in Waverley Park and has a proven track record of success. In fact, it outgrew the park and was moved to the Marina. The success of a smaller acoustical venue that would accommodate choirs, quartets, and musical groups too small to go on the Marina main stage is all but guaranteed. We have letters of support from many groups who would love to entertain in the park.
• The park is already a destination for weddings photos. The pavilion is designed to allow for not only photos but for the ceremonies themselves.
• The open design of the pavilion is ideal for summer theatre  performances.
• The pavilion will be a great place for informal chatting or having lunch.
Community Building and Neighbourhood Security
• Each year 50 to 70 people gather in Waverley Park as a starting point for a Jane’s Walk around our neighbourhood. Jane Jacobs was an urban activist who believed that the best way to keep our communities safe and vibrant was to get people out on the street talking with neighbours and
sharing their stories. The City’s Crime Prevention Committee coordinates a number of these walks in various parts of the City. Members of The Coalition for Waverley Park lead a walk from the park.
• Waverley Park is a downtown park that brings people of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds together to build community. St. Paul’s Place Senior residence (35 units) and Clark Towers (120 units), are adjacent to the park and the area is densely populated representing a wide range of families, young and old. Waverley Park Towers on the West side of the park is another 150 units.
• Walk for Healing… Last year a walk of 500 plus people (organized by aboriginal leaders) walked with drums from Waverley Park to the Marina Park as an act of healing for the community.

• Waverley Park is a key feature on Thunder Bay’s Image Route and the centre of historical Thunder Bay.
• Many visitors to Thunder Bay enjoy walking. Strolling from the Marina through the city’s  entertainment district to Waverley Park is a natural route that only needs to be promoted. Imagine, if upon entering the park one was to hear a choir singing or a jazz trio playing. It would create wonderful memories of Thunder Bay.
• The Hogarth Fountain is a remarkable piece of public art that will be complemented by the pavilion and will be a draw for people visiting the city in years to come.
• Tourists are attracted to the historical centres of the communities they visit. Promoting Waverley Park, the neighbourhood around the park and the Bay/Algoma area of the city as our historical neighbourhoods (all within easy walking distance) will create a beautiful destination for both visitors and residents.

The Coalition For Waverley Park
Waverley Park is our neighbourhood park and for many reasons we love it. The Coalition was originally formed to express our objection to condominiums being built on the site of the former Central School (the school bordered on the park).
We encouraged the City to maintain the historical façade of the school and to allow Magnus Theatre to be relocated to that site. Happily, we were successful.

thunder-brass-and-clownsToday we hold an annual picnic in the park, have supported the Horticultural Society in maintaining the grounds around Magnus Theatre, maintain a Field of Dreams in memory of The Coalition’s founding members, lead a Jane’s Walk, and support the City’s Parks Department with suggestions and concerns about the park. We also act as a kind of “eyes and ears” on the park.
While Waverley Park is our neighbourhood park, it is much more than that. As a heritage park, it has historical significance and a broad appeal to the larger community. From the feedback we have received, we know that there are many who share our love of the park and our desire to see it enhanced as a community hub for the downtown area.
A place for entertainment in the park will add to the quality of life for families in Thunder Bay, for their children and grandchildren, now and into the future.

The Goal
We need to raise $20,000. If you can contribute financially that would be greatly appreciated (cheques can be made out to The Coalition For Waverley Park). Talking with others and letting them know what we are doing will also help. The pavilion can be considered public art and will greatly enhance Waverley Park. However it is more than that. It is usable public art. It is a place where the community will gather for entertainment for years to come. It is an ideal project to commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

If you wish to donate or obtain information, contact:

The Coalition For Waverley Park
10 Algoma Street South
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7A 3A7
Chair: Keith Nymark 807 345-3370
The Coalition For Waverley Park is a registered charity and will issue receipts for income tax purposes for donations of $25 or more.