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Using Our Gears by Nancy Angus

February 2017

Charles Schultz wrote “Life is like a 10-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.”
This column is designed to inspire you to get out and get going. You’ll read about activities happening in Thunder Bay and beyond. You’ll be inspired to call an old friend or make new friends. You’ll discover new places in Thunder Bay to explore. It’s all about using – not losing – those gears to help us get up the hills of life with more ease and enjoyment!
Let’s start the adventure with doable 2017 resolutions. Some of you may want to continue or start writing personal letters instead of emails. For me, my resolution is to write nine columns a year for the Thunder Bay Seniors Paper and get them to Keith on time! I’m so thrilled to have an opportunity to share my musings with readers. With your encouragement and suggestions, I’ll have plenty of material to share in the column.
Here’s a few more healthy resolutions to help you get in gear this year:
• Drink hot lemon water right when you wake up
• Pour yourself a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar daily
• Spend an hour with your favorite reading material – hopefully Thunder Bay Seniors!
• Cook a veggie-filled soup in the crock pot and freeze leftovers or share those leftovers with a neighbour
• Relax and color, doodle or try a Zentangle!
• Add something green to meals or snacks
• Enjoy a date with a friend just don’t talk about how busy you are
• Clean out one closet. Donate extra “treasures”
• Single-task
I’ve learned in retirement that sometimes you just have to roll with what life throws your way. While sitting in the airport after my flight was cancelled, my mood was lifted by a father and young son who were making their way through the security line. The little boy was fascinated by the x-ray pod that some people have to use for their security scan. The father said that if the little boy went in that pod he may emerge as the “Incredible Hulk.” The little boy thought about this for a few seconds, then very politely asked the security attendant if he could try the pod. She laughed and said that he’d have to wait a few years until he was older. The little boy was OK with that explanation. It was such a lovely moment. I’m glad I could enjoy their exchange while waiting in the airport.
And then on the return trip to Thunder Bay, I made my way down the aisle of the plane to my seat. As there was a bottleneck in the line, I noticed a fellow sitting in an aisle seat that looked familiar. I thought he was someone from Thunder Bay I hadn’t seen in a long time but as our line started to move and I passed by his seat, I recognized him. It wasn’t someone I knew from Slate River. It was Jim Cuddy from the band Blue Rodeo. As I passed his seat I attempted to say “have a good concert in Thunder Bay” but what came out must have sounded like “ sl,flflgo’g…g …bay!” I literally was tongue-tied! He is so handsome! Well, I might have been unsuccessful in communicating with Jim Cuddy but at least I gave it a good TRY!
May you all observe little acts of kindness, humour and grace during 2017! And keep trying to talk to strangers! Happy New Year!